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History / Mission / Vision

In 1984 Henk Bakker started Clip BV. Henk developed a love for quality and European made products. He thereby laid the foundations of Clip BV’s core business; delivering products of quality that compliment each and every household.

In 1990 Henk Bakker discovered Polish ceramics produced in the factory of Ceramika Artystyczna. He was surprised and stunned by the Passion of the more than 300 workers who dedicated themselves daily to these unique ceramics. Clip BV established the brand Bunzlau Castle, the flagship of Clip BV. Nowadays Björn Bakker, son of Henk Bakker, continues the mission of quality.
Clip BV is a family company that develops and produces lifestyle products for in home use. Clip BV’s mission is to supply customers who are in search of these lifestyle products. Clip BV is a reliable business partner that values longterm relationships. The consequent price and product policy support the longterm vision of Clip BV. All products that are developed by Clip BV are produced in Europe. Clip BV is in search of partners who are willing to participate in their story of authenticity, quality and sustainability.

Bunzlau Castle

Bunzlau Castle

Bunzlau Castle ceramics are strong, made in Poland (EU) and have an enormous diversity in patterns. The brand has a growing group of fans throughout the world that appreciate the quality and sustainable character of the ceramics. The blue pottery of Bunzlau Castle has recognizable patterns that don’t wear out over time. Some of these patterns are over 200 years old. Bunzlau Castle is currently developing new products and discovering new markets and opportunities.

In the early 1800s, in a small town in Poland (Europe), craftsmen designed and produced objects of clay. The brown glazed pottery with white patterns was very popular and found its way not only to the courts of Kings and Queens but throughout all of Europe. As the years went by, the pottery became more and more attractive. New natural materials were used and more and more colourful patterns were stamped and painted on the white background. Nowadays designers and many female artists, make the look of the Bunzlau Castle pottery, what it is today! The many patterns, such as dots, circles, peacock-eyes, feathers, leaves and flowers are decorated with spongy stamps and fine brushes. After the second glazing, the pottery is baked on a very high temperature of 1300o Celsius. Therefore the Bunzlau Castle pottery is very strong. The stoneware is dishwasher proof, microwave- and conventional oven safe. Ecological glaze and paint is used. As extremely durable earthenware, it will not crack or chip easily. Bunzlau Castle pottery has an enormous variety of forms, shapes, patterns and colours that will fit into almost every interior, from modern to classic and from contemporary to country style. Bunzlau Castle is broadening it’s assortment and added Bunzlau Castle Textiles to the product line. Learn more about Bunzlau Castle at


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As a family business we strive to find partners with a longterm vision. Companies that seek lasting and strong relationships that flourish. We tend to find trustworthy partners that have a passion for usefull lifestyle products that supply the needs of people and markets.